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MobileTechCon | 12. - 14. März 2018, München

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Andrew Makarov


Andrew Makarov is an iOS Team Leader at MobiDev. Since 2012, his technical evaluation activities have covered over 300 projects that account for over 200 man-years in total.
Andrew has been a fan of computing technology since childhood. As a student, he was deep into encryption, prognostics, algorithmization, and numerical computing. Now IT is his way of life, not just a job. He loves clean code, high-quality apps, and his personal involvement in the process of making them.

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Behind the Tracks

Android Development
Android-Projekte schnell und zielorientiert realisieren

App Design & UX
Technologien, Best Practices und Tools für eine bessere UX

App Development Process
Frameworks, Tools, Technologien: Write Once, Run Anywhere!

iOS Development
iOS-Projekte schnell und zielorientiert realisieren

Mobile Trends & Business
Strategien, Tools und Lösungen für die mobile Produktentwicklung

Mobile Web Development
Alle Etappen der Produktentwicklung

Smart Systems
Praxiswissen für eigene Smart- und E-Mobility-Lösungen